A band must consist of a minimum of 7 members.. Selection of the music bands will be based on a screening process. The participating bands must send a video of their performance for screening at the time of preliminary registration to www.prajyotinite.com (YouTube link is expected) on or before 05.03.2020. Only the Selected bands after the screening process will be allowed to perform on stage.

1st Prize Rs.1 Lakh
2nd Prize Rs. 50k
3rd Prize Rs. 25k
Consolation Rs. 10k


  • There will be a registration fee of Rs.5000 per band (only for selected bands after screening).
  • Registration fee once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.
  • Each band has to bring its own instruments except drum kit. A common drum kit will be provided (which includes Kick,Snare,1 st tom, 2 nd tom, Floor tom, 1 highhats, 2 crash, 1 ride, Double Peddel, 2 pairs of sticks).The number and types of instruments used during the performance must be informed earlier to the event coordinator for the arrangement of technicalsupport.
  • Each of the bands will be given 15 minutes for performance and 5 minutes for stage and sound arrangement.
  • Fusion of different genres is expected.
  • No abusive language is permitted on the stage, use of such language will lead to IMMEDIATE DISQUALIFICATION.
  • In case the band is performing on original composition, the band will have to submit the lyrics of their original song in printed sheets to the organizer prior to the event. Handwritten notes will not be accepted.
  • All participating bands are required to give the organizer a brief description about themselves. This includes 1 or 2 pictures, list of members, the instruments they play, and any interesting facts. Send it to events@prajayotinite.com
  • Any disrespectful behavior or damage to the institutional premises and property will result in immediate legal action.
  • Each band shall be responsible to safeguard their instruments. The organizers will not be responsible for the same.
  • Judgment is done on a 5 point scale out of 100 marks.

Tony C Mathews

Staff Coordinator


Shahil Chacko

Student Coordinator


Voice of India