Prajyoti Niketan

(Pra means Supreme, Jyoti means Light, Niketan means Centre) ”TheCentre of the Supreme Light” is a Vision of Redeeming Love(God) as the Supreme Light for life through daily struggles (Mt.5.48) to achieve fullness / Wholeness (Jn.10.10). It is an International Centre for research, training and service in Wholistic Approach.

Our motto

In struggles for growth in personal wholeness for universal wholeness.

I have come so that you may have life, life in its fullness/ wholeness(Jn.10.10)

Our Vision

Excellence in Education, Education as empowerment and formation of the whole person (Jn. 10.10) To work out the Rhythm of Love for the marginalized and less talented (Mt. 25-35ff) And to grow greater than our natural size to national and divine size (Mt.5.48)

Our Mission

Redeeming Love as PRAJYOTI the Supreme Light In struggles for growth in personal wholeness for universal wholeness For the integrity/wholeness of a family/nation depends on the integrity/wholeness of each person who enter them


Prajyoti Niketan is an International Centre for Research, Training and Service in Wholistic approach. It is a Registered Christian Charitable Society (Regd.N.806/91). Prajyoti Niketan Society owns and manages its College. In 1994, Dr.K.R.Narayanan, the then Vice-President of India laid the Foundation Stone for Prajyoti Niketan and in 1996, Dr.Sankar Dayal Sharma, the then President of India initiated our Holistic Health Care Facility.

 Prajyoti Niketan College sanctioned in 1994 and started in 1995,is affiliated to the University of Calicut and Govt. Aided. Mere career specific can cause unemployment. Hence, we set up mainly  entrepreneurial and service oriented courses to  encourage healthy progress. By dint of hard work our students stand to gain as our Vision, Mission and Values shape everything to their advantage. From the very inception of this college Holistic Approach had been our main thrust.  In Holistic approach the whole is greater than the sum total of all its parts put together; i.e. the greater powers of a wholesome personality compared to its unwholesome state. It can be written as “Holistic” (Greek) or as “Wholistic” (English).

At Prajyoti Holistic approach, thus leads the field and it comes into its own to countermand party politics, strike, ragging and other newfangled trivia. We encourage proactive programmes. For at Prajyoti education means formation of the whole person with excellence. We are reckoned among the best Colleges with the highest Ranks in the University of Calicut; but the First Rank in all the Courses offered was a rare honour Prajyoti alone could claim.

Our students have a sense of being at the cutting edge of education. Some of the bright and motivated students find their way to Prajyoti. Here, not always the brightest secure ranks, but the disciplined, within Holistic values, at the direction of their Mentors and those who generously respond with creativity and originality. Students on Management Quota often clawed their way to top notches where together with those on Merit Quota they laid themselves out on an ascending sway. Among them emulation gave way to friendly rivalry and several were set to soar away excellence on mere fractions of a point. Thus we had the best ever results. This phenomenon is eloquent on our Holistic Vision and the ability of our Staff to bring out the best in every student.

Dr Fr Harshajan Pazhayattil OFM.Cap

Founder Director & Manager

Dr Shaijan Paul


Dr Sonia Sunny

Vice Principal

Dr Paul Chacko

General Coordinator